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Blue Lion Group Leads Global Expansion Of Partnr™


Blue Lion Group Leads Global Expansion Of Partnr™ – TTV Global Corp

By Unwana (Francis) Etuk, Business Development, TTV Global

At TTV Global, our mission has always been to provide cutting-edge technology solutions that foster digital adoption, one market at a time.. Today, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Blue Lion Group, a renowned Business Growth Consultancy out of British Columbia, Canada. This collaboration will see Blue Lion Group become the global master distributor for our innovative Partnr™ platform, combining the strengths of both companies under the new Partnrdesk™ brand.

A Strategic Alliance to Unlock Global Markets

Partnr™ is a local tours and experiences concierge shop designed specifically for use on tablets, with future versions set to launch on freestanding lobby kiosks, touchscreen TVs, and other devices. This platform transforms the way travellers access and book local experiences, offering a seamless, user-friendly interface that brings the best of what each destination has to offer right to the fingertips of guests.

Blue Lion Group will manage the ecosystem, granting distributorships as markets are unlocked, starting with Latin America and expanding globally. Each market will begin with a heavy focus on vacation rentals. With TTV Global providing the technology and recruiting partners across the globe, Blue Lion Group spearheading the business growth and distribution strategy, we are poised to put Partnr™ in every living room on Airbnb.

The Vision Behind Partnrdesk™

Unwana (Francis) Etuk, Director of Marketing at TTV Global, sat down with Dustin Vouk of Blue Lion Group to discuss this exciting new venture and what it means for the future of local tours and experiences..

Interview with Dustin Vouk of Blue Lion Group

Unwana: How important are regional advertising partners to your marketing efforts?

Dustin: Regional advertising partners are absolutely critical to our strategy. They understand the local market dynamics, cultural nuances, and consumer behavior better than anyone else. By leveraging their expertise, we can create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with the local audience, driving higher engagement and adoption rates.

Unwana: What are some metrics for measuring adoption success?

Dustin: We focus on several key metrics to gauge adoption success. These include the number of active users on the Partnr™ platform, the volume of bookings made through the system, user retention rates, and customer satisfaction scores. Additionally, we track the growth rate of new locations onboarded and the performance of regional advertising campaigns.

Unwana: How important is targeting short-stay vacation homes?

Dustin: Targeting short-stay vacation homes is extremely important. These properties have a high turnover of guests who are often looking for convenient and reliable ways to book local tours and experiences. By integrating Partnr™ into these homes, we can reach a captive audience that is eager to explore the local area, ultimately driving higher utilization of our platform.

Unwana: How do you vet the tour agencies and local concierges you work with to ensure quality experiences?

Dustin: Quality assurance is paramount. We have a rigorous vetting process that includes reviewing customer feedback, conducting background checks, and personally experiencing the tours and services ourselves. We also rely on local experts who have deep knowledge of the area and can recommend the best providers. This ensures that every experience offered through Partnr™ meets our high standards for quality and customer satisfaction.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between TTV Global and Blue Lion Group marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the local tours and experiences market. By combining our technological expertise with Blue Lion Group’s business acumen and market insights, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional value to travellers and local businesses alike.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out Partnr™ across Latin America and beyond, bringing the world’s best local experiences to a device near you.

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Unwana (Francis) Etuk

Business Development

Unwana (Francis) Etuk is a marketing maestro who has developed countless groundbreaking and creative businesses around the world. He has churned out success after success over the last 20+ years with a focus on hospitality, experiences, and events. His unwavering leadership and belief in TTV Global’s mission has resulted in the development of a reliable technology platform,  community marketing systems and meaningful partnerships that will help us foster digital adoption and create opportunity. Unwana is a “Citizen of the World” who is always on the move.  You never know which market you might find him in next.