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TTV Global Seeks Local Strategic Concierge Partnerships (APPLY NOW)


TTV Global, in partnership with Blue Lion Group, is excited to announce the global launch of their innovative program, Offers®. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize the concierge service industry by offering a seamless, technology-driven platform that connects local businesses with travelers around the world. As part of this expansion, TTV Global and Blue Lion Group are actively seeking new concierge partners to join this dynamic network and take their local businesses to unprecedented heights.

The first major partnership under this program is launching in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, with Boutique Concierge in Playa Del Carmen. Boutique Concierge, a well-established local company, will manage a series of enticing offers available across concierge shops in the region. These offers can be accessed on any device via a link or QR Code and are prominently displayed on Tablets, PCs, and freestanding Android Kiosks in hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs throughout the Riviera Maya.

“We are thrilled to partner with Boutique Concierge and look forward to replicating this successful model in other regions,” said Ryan Wibawa, President of TTV Global. “Our goal is to empower local concierge companies with cutting-edge technology and robust support, enabling them to scale their operations and provide exceptional service to travelers.”

The search is now on for more concierge companies to join this global network. Ideal partners should already be offering concierge and affiliate services in their region, possess the capacity to scale their operations, speak the local language, and have the ability to engage with local vendors and venues. By partnering with TTV Global and Blue Lion Group, local concierge businesses can leverage advanced technology, comprehensive management, and specialized training to enhance their service offerings and grow their market presence.

“This partnership model is a win-win for everyone involved,” said Dustin Vouk, CEO of Blue Lion Group. “TTV provides the technology platform, Blue Lion offers management, onboarding, and training, and our local concierge partners bring invaluable local expertise. Together, we create a powerful ecosystem that delivers unparalleled value to travelers and local businesses alike.”

TTV Global and Blue Lion Group invite interested concierge companies to explore this exciting opportunity. With limitless potential for growth and innovation, this partnership promises to redefine the concierge industry and create new avenues for success.

For more information or to express interest in becoming a concierge partner, please contact our community at or schedule a call here:

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