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MyHouse™ Concierge Premiere in Colombia: Offer Experiences & Tours To Your Guests


Riviera Maya, Mexico, May 24/2024 – The stunning coastline of Riviera Maya is known for its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant cultural heritage. As a prime vacation destination, it attracts countless travelers looking for an unforgettable experience. Now, thanks to the innovative Partnr™ Concierge Tablet, Riviera Maya Offers® are set to enhance guest experiences and boost revenue like never before.

Introducing Partnr™ Tablets, designed specifically for vacation rentals such as Airbnbs, hostels, hotels, co-working spaces, and tourism desks throughout the Riviera Maya. This revolutionary technology transforms any venue into a digital concierge shop, offering guests unparalleled convenience and hosts a new, effortless way to generate income.

Boost Revenue and Delight Guests on Auto-Pilot

Partnr™ Shops, the powerhouse behind Partnr™ Tablets, are game-changers for vacation rental hosts. Imagine earning affiliate commissions on every booking made through your concierge tablet, seamlessly unlocking a new revenue stream for your property. No more hassles with language barriers or navigating unfamiliar territories; Partnr™ Tablets ensure a smooth and delightful stay for every guest.

Guests can access a curated selection of the best local services, from tours and transportation to in-home services like massages and cleaning, all available directly through your shop. Each service provider is highly vetted, ensuring quality and reliability. With new Offers® being added daily, your guests will always have fresh and exciting options to choose from.

Streamline Sales of Your Own Products and Services

If your property or venue offers in-house services such as spa treatments, transportation rentals, or cleaning services, Partnr™ Tablets make selling to your guests easier than ever. Simply add your services to the Partnr™ Shop and watch your sales soar. This streamlined approach saves resources and provides guests with a simple way to get what they need, enhancing their overall experience.

Customization to Match Your Venue’s Needs

Whether you prefer standard branding or a customized white-label solution, Partnr™ Tablets cater to your specific requirements. Choose from in-room QR Codes, handheld tablets, large lobby touchscreen kiosks, or a combination thereof. Select from a variety of design templates and customize the blend of services offered in your shop to perfectly match your venue’s unique offerings.

A Triple Win for Venues, Service Providers, and Guests

The benefits of Partnr™ Tablets extend far beyond convenience and revenue. Happy guests leave better reviews, boosting your business’s reputation and attracting more visitors. By selling your own services and cutting out external booking platforms, you retain more of your profits. In an increasingly competitive market, MyHouse Tablets provide the differentiation needed to stand out.

With the user-friendly host dashboard, you get detailed real-time reporting of all your sales and commissions, ensuring easy and reliable payouts. Plus, Partnr™ works on any device – phones, tablets, PCs, and lobby kiosks – making it versatile and accessible for all types of vacation rentals.

Join the Revolution Today

Vacation rental hosts in the Riviera Maya are invited to join the Partnr™ revolution. With a 30-day free trial and a quick setup and launch process, there’s no reason to wait. 

Welcome to Partnr™ Shops, the all-in-one system designed to skyrocket your Riviera revenue. Ready for affiliate commissions, happier customers, more reviews, and more in-house sales? Open your shop today and experience the future of vacation rentals.

For more information or to schedule a demo call, contact Boutique Concierge at 

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About Boutique Concierge

Boutique Concierge, the regional manager for Partnr™ Riviera Maya, specializes in providing exceptional concierge services tailored to enhance the travel experience in the Riviera Maya. Their expertise ensures that local venues can effectively integrate and benefit from the Partnr™ Concierge App, driving growth and delivering outstanding guest experiences.

Join the Partnr™ movement and transform your vacation rental into a premier digital concierge shop. The future of guest experiences and revenue generation is here – don’t miss out!